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Get the Portuguese Passport by Investment!

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We assist you in the entire process to obtain your Portuguese citizenship.

The Golden Visa allows you to obtain residency through a minimum investment of €280.000 in properties or €500.000 in investment funds spending only 7 days a year in Portugal. After 5 years maintaining this investment, you can apply for either permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship. Let's talk!

Advantages Golden Visa Program

Portuguese Citizenship and Passport

A person may apply for Portuguese citizenship, provided that he/she has been legally residing in Portugal for at least 5 years.

Family Extension

Allows the Golden Visa benefit to be extended to the immediate family group without incurring additional expenses.

Residence in Portugal

Living and working in Portugal. This grants access to Portuguese state benefits, highlighting its health and education system.

Entry to Europe

You will be able to travel freely in the Schengen area.

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We go along with you in all the steps to obtain your Golden Visa

Why Portugal?


Its Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sunshine a year and almost 1,000 kilometers of coastline make Portugal a perfect destination for retirees or vacations. The temperature varies between 8º and 29º throughout the year, with neither very cold nor very hot days.

In 2021 it was chosen for the fourth consecutive year as the best European destination (World Gold Awards).

The People

The Portuguese are known to be very hospitable and welcoming. It doesn't matter if you don't master the language perfectly because as most of the residents are bilingual, it won't be difficult to make yourself understood in English, Spanish or French.

According to InterNations, Portugal is the most hospitable country for immigrants in the world.

Investment options


From €500,000


From €280.000


Job creation, research contributions and donations are other options we can evaluate for you.

Main requirements

Requirement #1

Have a minimum of €280.000 to invest.

Requirement #2

Do not count with criminal record.

Requirement #3

Spend 7 days per year in Portugal for the first two years, and then 14 days per year for each extension.

Requirement #4

Proof of (very basic) knowledge of the Portuguese language.


If you meet requirement #1 - €280.000 - you can contact us directly via WhatsApp.

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